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The World Sports University (WSU) is a high education institute legally registered in Macau and established under the GAAPSF. 

The WSU had signed cooperative agreements with various universities, including: QILU University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), IJF Academy, etc.

The head quarters and secretary office of the WSU are located in 3501 University Road, Changqing District, Jinan City, Shandong Province.

  • To promote the Olympics Spirit
  • To develop the entire sports eco-system talents for China and internationally.
  • To drive the sports development and to improve the physical and emotional well-being of world college students
  • To be a leader in producing talents for world sports development, promoting international exchange of ideas and to contribute towards promoting world peace and harmony with the power of sports and friendships between youth and university students in different countries and regions.

The WSU offers short term courses and degree courses with the cooperation from  QILU University. We also provide online distance-learning courses for students especially for athletes in China and all over the World. 

With the cooperation of the IJF Academy and JUA, the WSU had established an IJF/JUA International Training Center inside the Cultural and Sports Center of QILU University and in Beijing, providing high level judo training for all member federations of IJF and JUA. 

Recently with the cooperation of WBPF and ABBF, the WSU will establish an international bodybuilding and fitness training center also housed inside the QILU University Cultural and Sports Center and in Beijing.

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Combat sports faculty

The Combat Sports Faculty includes various martial arts including but not limited to weightlifting, sanda, shuijiao, boxing, karate, taekwondo, wrestling, and Taichi. The faculty emphasizes on the professional training and development of sports performance, martial arts culture and techniques. With the modern needs in sports, the Combat Sports Faculty aims to become a pioneer in combining teaching, scientific research and training, fostering an environment to develop high performance sports talents for the international market, as well as becoming a contributor to the world sports development.

Judo faculty

The Judo Faculty includes various areas in the sports of Judo, from competing as a player, coaching, being a referee to organizing a world class competition. The faculty emphasizes on the professional training and development of sports performance, judo culture and techniques. The Judo Faculty aims to become a pioneer in combining teaching, scientific research and training, fostering an environment to develop high performance sports talents for the international market, as well as becoming a contributor to the world sports development similarly to the Combat Sports Faculty, but specializing in the sports of Judo.

long distance education faculty

The Long Distance Education/Online Faculty is a main focal point of our university. It is an international programme that provides high level education and training to current athletes, coaches, and staffs working in the sports industry. It also provides a path to obtain bachelor and masters degrees. 

International e-sports faculty

The International E-sports faculty serves as the pioneer to train and develop talents for the up-and-coming E-sports industry. Careers opportunities are diverse, ranging from gameplayers, to the more business sides of E-sports event planners, stage officers, E-sports marketing officers, E-sports competition caster and narrators, and alsomore technical oriented area like E-sports technical support officers.

Sports Industry Management Faculty

The Sports Industry Management Faculty partners with the Qilu University of Technology Business School to develop the Sports Industry and Business Management Programme. It includes different programs such as degree courses, short-term courses and seminars in management. The faculty aims to develop sports management talents with international visions and perspective for China and the world.

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E-Sports Foundation

E-Sports is a form of sport competition using video games.  In recent times, E-Sports careers are more than just playing video games, it is a profession covering technical areas like software developers, game designers, industry areas like producers, marketing and many more opportunities.

Bodybuilding Coaching Certificate


To develop sports coaches in order to gain more knowledge and understanding for bodybuilding coaching, applying the knowledge gained from the course in both national and international level.

Events Organization and Management Certificate

This course aims to develop talents to manage and organize large scale international event. It covers foundation theory and then application to real events. The course is divided into Foundation and Advanced level, targeting current active officials or those who are interested to become one for national/regional, international sports federation and organization.

school News

HGF became Education Partner of the WSU

The GAAPSF signed cooperative agreement with the IHGA, the two international sport organisations became international partners and will work together for the development of world

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